Monday, October 19, 2009

Reef photos

I signed up for the food photography course when I learned it would be at Reef.

I'm no photographer. But I couldn't miss the chance to shoot a few dishes at Reef during the day. At night, Reef may be Houston's worst restaurant for photos. Something about the lighting blurs every shot.

Yet in the afternoon, with lots of natural light, Reef makes photos easy, even for a point-and-click novice like me.

So here are some of Brian Caswell's greatest hits -- plus the man in the orange cap himself.


Graham R. said...

What food photography course was this?

Approachable Art said...

Good job!

anonymouseater said...

Graham: It was a one-off course by Penny De Los Santos organized by the Chowhounds. She said she may return to Houston and do some intenseive courses later. Watch the Houston Chowhound boards.

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