Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Quiz

I'll get back to curry later today.

For now, try this Halloween quiz: Can you guess what this dish is and what Houston restaurant was fearless enough to serve it last weekend?

When I was in 5th grade, my school had a haunted house. My job was to prepare foods, like cold spaghetti in ketchup, that felt gross. Guests would stick their hands in a hole in a box and feel the foods. Of course, the guests were told that they were feeling something's (or someone's) cold organs.

Is this dish the same sort of imitation? Or is it the real deal?

(Hint: this dish was awfully tasty.)

UPDATE: The dish, served by the folks at Feast, was "cold pigs brains on toast with green sauce."

It had a very mild liver-like flavor. The texture was glorious -- soft, moist, fluffy, almost gelatinous. It reminded me of a delicate, pate mousse.

Of course, it looked exactly like brains -- which may explain why my wife placed a bite in her mouth, but simply could not swallow it.

She missed out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like brains to me. And if you say fearless, I say it has to be those mad Englishmen at Feast! If James and Richard came up with the dish, I bet it was good.

anonymouseater said...

Great guess anonymous.

It was some type of brains. It was from Feast.

Can anyone be more specific about the type of brains or the name of the dish?

Jsoftz said...

I'm guessing they're calf brains. Which are mighty good.

anonymouseater said...

I added the answer in an update above. It was Feast's cold pig's brain on toast with green sauce.

Anonymous said...

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Will said...

Great pics, though it looks like your brains were squished. I also had the brain that day at Feast and mine was perfectly whole and undamaged, making for a great presentation. You described it well - like a creamy mouse. I'd definitely recommend it.

Alexia said...

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