Thursday, June 05, 2008

Houston's Rising Star Chefs

Chef Randy Rucker is conducting a poll for Houston's best "rising star" chef. He wants to know who is your favorite rising star and why. And he's going to throw a party for the winner.

I have some ideas, but I will keep them to myself. I don't want to influence the contest.


Ken said...

link not working

RRR said...

Just found your blog because I was searching to find what people though about certain foods that I love! Looks like we have similar tastes! Thanks for you blog posts! I look forward to trying places I haven't been yet!

raiderdav said...

Here's the working link:

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had the mango chicken at Mezza? Whoever makes that should win. The Kafta beef wrap is not bad either.

anonymouseater said...

Thanks raiderdav. I fixed the link.

Shannon said...


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