Monday, June 02, 2008

Feast photos

Every visit to Feast is a new and wonderful experience.

Feast has a tasting menu on Wednesday nights for about $40 (!). A group from Chowhound Houston negotiated with Feast to do that tasting menu on a Sunday night for a large group.

I have been writing so much about Feast lately (see here and here), that I will just rely on photos to describe some highlights.

Cured pork liver with berries and oranges

Peaches, carrots, dates, walnuts

Pork cheeks with dandelion greens, caperberries and toasty bread

Pork leg with crispy skin, maple syrup, bubble and squeak, and applesauce

Flourless Chocolate Cake


neverfull said...

that pork leg was so lovely! i loved how it was served communal style (4 to a leg). the ruby trout was also delish!

i think we should definitely go back for the paella and whole roasted suckling pig. this post is making me hungry...

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your posts and Misha's posts on Feast, I berate myself for not having gone there yet. Dammit! Soon...soon, I tell you!