Sunday, May 11, 2008

Randy Rucker's Tenacity

This post is a plug for a friend of mine. He did not ask me to do it. I'm just such a believer in this local chef that I wanted to spread the word.

Randy Rucker is an energetic young chef, and one of the best in the city. He has worked in some of Houston's finest restuarants. And he was the chef/owner of laidback manor. Back before I knew him, in January 2006, I wrote a post about his restaurant called, "laidback manor throws a grenade on the plate."

His current venture is a private dining service called Tenacity. Randy describes the service here and gives a sample menu here. His website, feeding curiosity, is filled with photos of his creations.

The basic idea is that Randy will bring his magic to your house for a dinner for you and your friends. He has excellent sources for ingredients, and some mind-blowing techniques.

The contact information for Tenacity is on b4-u-eat.


rr said...

thanks so much for the plug!!!

i have had the most hits that i have ever had on "feed curiosity"

when are we gonna do your evening?

Tom C. said...

I just happened upon your site surfing for info on "Feast." Really nice writing and great food insights. I just put it in my favorites, and it will be a nice resource when my wife and I want to head out and try a new place (not as frequent an occurrence as we'd like). I have a Houston-oriented wine blog that you may (I hope) find useful:

ribbonstage said...

how do i send a picture on this deal?

anonymouseater said...

Tom C - great site. Check out my May 17, 2008 post where I talk about it.

Ribbonstage - I have no idea how to send a picture. I only know how to post them myself. Sorry.

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