Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Camera's "Cuisine" Photo Mode

Food photos are in. At Feast last weekend, the three ladies sitting next to us all whipped out their cameras and started taking close-up shots of the food. So I did not feel so strange when I pulled out my camera to do the same thing.

I am amazed at some of the photography on the local food blogs. Especially Tasty Bits (Misha's site) and She Eats. Compared to them, my food photos stink. But I'm working on it. Misha has offered me some much-needed help.

Plus, today I discovered a setting on my little Olympus camera called "cuisine." No joke. Apparently, it boosts saturation, sharpness, and contrast especially for close-ups of food.

So compare my lousy photos posted earlier today, to this very cool close-up of green curry from Asia Market, taken in Olympus "cuisine" mode:

By the way, that green and white oval thing on the left is a Thai eggplant. This outrageously spicy curry may be my favorite dish of many amazing dishes at Asia Market.

Doesn't it look great?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you're rocking the full resolution food porn now. Give it a couple of weeks and people you normally eat with will lose any and all sense of humor they had about your new hobby. It's going to get ugly.

Strangely enough I had Thai today too, at Vieng Thai.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you and your awesome non-broken, cuisine-setting-having camera. And your delicious-looking green curry. Grr.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Made me very hungry! I clicked through the Asia Market link to your original post on it. I'll have to try it. After reading an article on Isan Thai cooking several years ago in Saveur, I went on a quest to find Som Tom Lao. Not many Thai places in town have it. One place that does is my current favorite Thai place, Nidda, in Montrose. Super friendly people run it, and the food is "authentic," though with the same caveat about my declaration of authenticity that you gave in your article. From your description, however, it sounds like the Som Tom at Nidda isn't quite as spicy/pungent as the one at Asia Market, but it's darn good. In addition to the Som Tom, the curries at Nidda are excellent, and the "Fish in a Garden" regular special is amazing.

anonymouseater said...

The Som Tom Lao is even stranger at Vieng Thai. It has baby fermented crabs that you eat whole. I like the Asian Market version a little more, but it does not have the crabs and is not as exotic.

Anonymous said...

green curry yum!

thanks for providing the impetus for me to get out to asia market. it was so good that i went there for lunch AND dinner. here is my review on eG. i wish my cell phone camera had a 'cuisine' mode. my camera has a 'food' mode, but the battery has to be charged so that it works. i keep forgetting that!