Monday, November 26, 2007

Bistro Moderne closing

Bistro Moderne closed a week ago.

According to an e-mail by Chef Philippe, the Hotel Derek has been sold, and the new ownership is implementing a new restaurant. The good news is that Chef Philippe currently plans to remain in Houston.

Earlier this year, I proclaimed that Bistro Moderne just might be my "favorite restaurant in Houston." That apparently is the kiss of death. I said it about laidback manor, and it closed within months. It's a curse, like the Sport's Illustrated cover jinx. Watch out Da Marco.

I appreciated the hip, urban style of Bistro Moderne, but mostly I loved the food. Chef Philippe's dishes had one foot in the tradition and one foot on the cutting edge. I always enjoyed chatting with him as he walked the floor of the restaurant. Conversations might start a bit awkwardly, but once you engaged him on a topic like blue foot chickens, he would explode with passion and excitement. He is a chef who loves food and does great things with it. I mourne Bistro Moderne's passing, but I wait excitedly for his next venture.


Unknown said...

oh how sad! well i'm glad i was able to go there a couple of weeks ago before the closure. and you're right the modern atmosphere was exquisite. though me and my friend ordered a slew of appetizers as opposed to entrees to nosh on, it was enjoyable.

though it looks like i'd better head to da marco soon then. haha!

anonymouseater said...

Da Marco may be safe. It is not my favorite restaurant at the moment. I'm not sure what is.

Epicurus said...

Hey AE,

I've been meaning to mention this to you, but we finally managed to make it to BM in October, and frankly, we were underwhelmed. Perhaps I lack experience with French cooking, but the dishes we had were fine but not glorious, and the service was mediocre. We'll have to chat more about this.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Im not unhappy about the closing. After trying a few times and being dissapointed I hope his next adventure will live up to the hype.