Saturday, December 17, 2005

Boycott Central Market?

"O woe, woe, man is only a dot:
Hell drags us off and that is the lot;
So let us live a little space,
At least while we can feed our face."
-Petronius, The Satyricon

I had lunch with two lefties. They boycott Central Market because they think the owners contribute to some anti-choice fund or some other right-wing cause. Ok. If I cared enough, which I am not suggesting that I do, I might boycott Wal-Mart or Coors beer. It wouldn't matter -- I never would shop at Wal-Mart or drink Coors beer anyway. But boycott Central Market? Blasphemy.

I remember one cold winter when I lived in Boston and the local grocery store had a selection of only 10 different kinds of fresh fruits or vegetables. I never could find even a jalapeno, much less a habanero. I had an epiphany then. Life is too short for that kind of deprivation. Life is too short to live in a place like Boston. Life is too short to go to a crappy grocery store with no produce. Especially when you can live in Houston and go to the best goddammed grocery store in the Western Hemisphere.

I don't care if they eat babies for fun. I'm not boycotting Central Market!


Silvershoes said...

Considering that Central Market recently started its own line of organic foods, it can't be all bad, right?

I'm a die-hard Central Market foodie, but I beg to differ that it's the best grocery store in the western hemisphere. IMHO, that honor goes to the Wegmans in Ithaca, New York. It sells all the cool things CM does, plus all the "normal" things you can't get there, like Coke and Iams dog food. It also has a wood-fired brick oven!

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Lucrece Borrego said...

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