Thursday, August 27, 2009

tacos a go-go

Tacos A Go-Go is a little taco shop next to the Continental Club on Main. It has been getting a lot of attention in the press. Like its neighbor, the interior tries hard to channel an Austin vibe -- colorful decor and kitschy artifacts, including a shrine to the virgin surrounded with Christmas lights, and a giant bust of carmen Miranda.

When a place looks like that, I get suspicious about the food.

Fortunately, the food turns out to be pretty tasty. A chorizo breakfast taco was loaded with a generous serving of egg and sausage. For lunch, a carne guisada taco had large chunks of tender, stewed beef in a light-textured gravy.

I have had more flavorful chorizo elsewhere. And the guisada could have used some more cumin. Yet the quality of both tacos was far above average. And the hot red and green salsas will help if you are looking for more flavor.

The big surprise is barbacoa. After one bite I knew the flavor wasn't beef. It was my favorite meat -- lamb. It has the texture of the best taco-truck tacos, yet it is the gamey flavor of lamb that takes it over the top.

For my admittedly warped palate, this is as good as barbacoa gets.


Laura Nathan said...

I *love* Tacos A Go-Go. I highly recommend their breakfast tacos. Also worth a try: their (sinful) dessert tacos. The smores one is amazing -- basically, melted chocolate, marshmallows, and some powdered sugar instead a warm tortilla.

John said...

Anonymouseater once again proves what a fine judge he is of places to eat. I don't know why I go anywhere he hasn't put on his recommended list.

John C

hrushing said...

We go there on Saturday mornings quite often. It is my almost 4 year old's favorite place to eat.

Oopey said...

Did they get new management recently? Like in the past 5 months? Every time I've been there it's been awful. The tacos are bland and can't hold a candle to a decent taco truck taco. I've never been inspired to agree that it's any damn good. Too bad it's next to my house and I end up there more than I'd like.

Rouse House Concerts said...

Have to agree with Oopey.

Dennis said...

I enjoy your blog, but it's so sporatic.

anonymouseater said...


I'm sorry its sporadic. I don't make any money off this blog. My day job is as a lawyer. This fall I am teaching a law class and writing two books -- not about food -- that I have to finish by the end of the year.

It would be great if I could quit everything else and just eat and write about food. But I don't think is ever going to happen.

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