Friday, November 21, 2008

Love Street Light Circus: What the Savoy Truffles Looked Like

Last Saturday, the Love Street Light Circus and more than 70 local musicians covered the entire Beatles White album, plus more. The show looked like this:
I could talk about what a great job the musicians did of recreating the White Album, or MC Bob Boudreaux's Seargent Pepper outfit, how much the event made for Purple Songs Can Fly, or the remarkable job my college roommate Patrick Waites did in putting together the event.

But this is a food blog.

The food was remarkable for a charity event. Hors D'oeuvres and Savoy Truffle desserts were provided by some of the city's best restaurants: Mark's, Ibiza, Catalan, Voice, La Toretta Resort, and Gravitas. Each restaurant was asked to imagine a Savoy Truffle.

Catalan got into the color of the event with chocolate muffins with strawberry icing. (Get it? Strawberry Fields?)

Mark's had the most elaborate Savoy Truffle:

I also was impressed with the real gold leaf used on the chocolate balls from La Toretta Resort at Del Lago. I'm looking forward to Albert Roux's new restaurant there in February.

My favorite dish of the night came from pastry chef Plinio Sandalio of Gravitas. Plinio made smoked brownies with bacon white chocolate barbecue sauce. Was it dessert or barbecue? Does it matter? Too often we restrict our imaginations too much with desserts. Plinio doesn't.
I wondered what this dessert might have to do with the post-psychedellic White Album, but then it hit me. The White Album was all about breaking boundaries and experimenting. Plinio's brownies are the Revolution No. 9 of Houston desserts.

Houston is lucky to have such creative chefs and such generous restaurants that will help with a charity event like this.


Anonymous said...

It was actually a chocolate beet cake with beet icing

anonymouseater said...

Which one? Mark's or Catalan? I could have sworn the Catalan representative told me it was strawberry. But I have been getting some facts wrong lately.

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