Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Randy Rucker supper club

Another supper club

Last Thursday was another Randy Rucker supper club dinner.

Every dish was eye opening. My favorite involved smoked cobia fish with some sort of emulsified brown butter sauce. The hearty fish had a smoked flavor, but moist texture. The sauce was rich, thick, and flavorful although Rucker insisted that he did not use that much butter.

Other highlights included chicken feet in an Indonesian soy sauce; a remarkable dish involving pig headcheese, raw zucchini, and a hollandaise-flavored foam; and an amberjack ceviche, served with a shot glass of the ceviche marinade called "leche de tigre". The marinade tasted like a mouthful of sea.

These little supper club dinners are just about the most exciting food events going on in town this summer. Rucker is hosting yet another dinner with Plinio Saldalio tomorrow. I can't make it, so please go and tell me how it is.

I will conserve my words here and just leave you with Thursday menu and a slide show. After all, Rucker's cuisine is as visually artistic as it is flavorful.


1 - sauteed chicken feet in Indonesian soy sauce

2 - barely cooked gulf shrimp tartare, sprouting radish, lcyuri & baby lemongrass

3 - amberjack, leche de tigre (ceviche marinade), gelled tomato, rhubarb, yuzu lcosho & red veined sorrel

4 - chilled 3d coast shellfish nage, octopus, neri uni, crunchy pig ear & celery pistou

5 - best parts of the pig (a head cheese made of ears, cheeks, eyes, feet, shank), shimeji mushrooms, zucchini, marigold & foamed hollandaise

6 - cobia smoked with applewood & broiled, red malabar spinach & creamy brown butter

7 - guava smoothie & a sense of coconut deja vu (some sort of frozen coconut milk)

8 - corn puddin' (pure corn juice), whipped agave nectar, papaya, caramelized dairy & poppy



neverfull said...

damn this fast! i'm very sorry i missed it. love the photo slideshow. you'll have to show me how you did that.

Misha said...

Some of these photos are way better than mine. For some reason my camera doesn't do the flash thing without completely overexposing the image.

rr said...

the photos of the evening are posted on

anonymouseater said...

neverfull: I'm experimenting with a slide show program that is used in conjunction with Flickr. To use it, first you go to Flickr, set up an account, load your photos, and organize them into a group. Then you go to this site for PictoBrowser: It creates a slide show and gives you an html code to post into your blog. It's easier than it sounds.

I like Misha's slide shows a little better because they are automated. I don't know how to do that yet.

Anonymous said...

That's the one thing I hate about Wordpress: they don't allow you to post anything that requires Java or Flash to run, so no slideshows for she eats. I am hella jealous of your slideshow.

On a brighter note, I finally managed to get my review and pics up. :)

rr said...

why do i look like im a somekinda crazy person in that first picture...

anonymouseater said...

rr: You were talking animatedly when I took that shot. I had another photo of you, but you looked angry in that one. Maybe you had just read Robb Walsh's Thursday review.