Monday, October 08, 2007

Introducing a New Writer

From the start, I have written all the posts on this page. Now I have asked a friend to help.

Starting soon, you will see posts here by two writers. We remain anonymous because we do not want any chefs to spit in our food. But I can tell you a little about us.

1 -- Anonymous Eater. That is me. I am in my late 30s, a lawyer, and a part-time law professor. I am Houston-born and, apart from a 3-year stint in Boston, have lived here my whole life. I cook for a hobby. Because my family has been in Texas for over 150 years, I am a bit Texas-centric.

2 -- Epicurus. That is our new writer. He is younger, born in South African, grew up in Florida, and went to college in Connecticut. He also has been a lawyer and a part-time professor, but is now a Ph.D candidate. Epicurus has great taste in food and wine. As a result of his world travels, he has a more diverse knowledge of world cuisines than I do.

In short, Epicurus will bring great judgment and a unique perspective. Hopefully, we will even disagree a little. I am very excited to be joined by Epicurus on this site.

--Anonymous Eater

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issa said...

oh! I'm excited to hear the different points of views! Welcome to the new writer!