Friday, July 07, 2006

Heights Report Part 3 - Teotihuacan

I am not sure I want to tell you about this restaurant. The prices are cheap, the food is great, and the crowd is rapidly growing. But you, dear blog reader, are a good friend. So I will tell you, but please, please, keep this restaurant a secret.

Teotihuacan serves the best Mexican food in the Heights. In fact, it serves some of the best Mexican food in Houston, competing with great restaurants like Pico's, Hugo's, and El Tiempo. It also is considerably cheaper.

Every dish I have had at Teotihuacan has been authentic, delicious, and a great bargain. Pollo Corral is a 1/2 roasted chicken with a bright red sauce that reminds me of a barbeque sauce minus all the sugar, minus half the vinegar, and plus chili pepper. I think "pollo de corral" means "free range chicken" in Spanish, but I am not sure whether that is the origin of this dish. The 1/2 chicken is generously sized, juicy, and flavorful. And on Thursdays, this fantastic dish is only $6.99.

Asado de Puerco is a plate of three grilled discs of pork. I am not sure what the cut of meat is, but it is tender and very flavorful. The grill flavors and a subtle rub (of garlic?) make this one of the most flavorful grilled pork dishes in Houston. I think it costs $7.99.

Fajita Salad sounds like a dull choice for a restaurant with so many authentic dishes, but at Teotihuacan it comes with generous portions of grilled chicken that has a fantastic grill flavor. I can't remember the price, but it was very cheap for the size and quality.

Although the grilled rib eye steak may not be the best steak in Houston, it also has a great grill flavor and, when on special, costs under $10.

The Chile Relleno is cooked in a style more resembling the rellenos I have had in Colorado and New Mexico rather than the traditional Tex Mex version. I suspect it is more authentic than most rellenos in Houston.

Other details make Teotihuacan special:

-They serve a green and red table salsa, and both are great.

-It is hard to spend over $10.

-The campy mural on the wall depicts an Aztec sacrifice. (See my December 26, 2005 post.)

-Although the gringo element of the crowd is growing, the crowd is largely latino. Of course, it shouldn't matter to me who else is dining in a restaurant. But when a restaurant serves the cuisine of another culture, I feel some reassurance if that culture is represented in the clientele. In other words, Teotihuacan feels authentic.

Since I have given you this tip, please try to avoid Teotihuacan at lunch. The crowds have been growing, and lunch time is when I like to go.


Anonymous said...

You have not mentioned the breakfast. Now, it may just be a cat you don't want to let out of the bag, but it's a pretty decent breakfast and a heck of a bargain. The tamales filled with mild peppers and cheese are sweet and satisfying.

anonymouseater said...

Breakfast you say? Honestly, I have not tried it yet, but I am sure it is great.

Anonymous said...

it's not always the cleanest though - i've seen a large roach on their floor and one in my food.