Saturday, December 17, 2005


"Eat my grits."
-Flo on Alice

This morning I ate at 59 Diner. They have my favorite Southern breakfast food. I was worried back in the 1980s when they closed Phil's and opened a new restaurant with a nostalgia theme that the food would not be as good. Despite the decoration, it works. Many of their waitresses and waiters have been there a long time, and they make the atmosphere authentic, despite the tacky decorating. 59 Diner has an excellent chicken fried steak -- thin, crunchy, smothered in white gravy. I don't eat it often because of my fear of death. I, however, do frequently get their diced ham and eggs, their outstanding biscuits, and their grits.

Grits are the ultimate comfort food. Warm and nothing but carbs -- except for the added salt and butter. 59 Diner does a good job with their grits. Their portions are a bit skimpy.

The best grits in Houston may be at the Breakfast Klub. When I first saw the menu at the Breakfast Klub, I was tempted by their waffles with fried chicken and catfish and eggs. But those dishes were a little too ambitious. They really excel with their grits. These grits have perfect texture. Breakfast Klub grits are to ordinary grits what fine steel cut Irish oats are to instant oatmeal. Plus, the Breakfast Klub serves a giant bowl of grits.

If everything else at Breakfast Klub was as good as their grits, I probably would go there every Saturday morning instead of 59 Diner.

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